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9 Best AI Tools for Education

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AI Tools for Education

Although most discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) are focused on its benefits for businesses, it could have a huge impact on improving our educational systems as well. The utilization of AI tools in education can be highly effective and can help teachers to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

The intention of these technologies is not to substitute teachers but to help them dedicate more time to educating their students.

The education sector is experiencing significant growth in the use of AI, a multi-billion-dollar global market. It is transforming teaching and learning processes by creating virtual environments, producing intelligent content, bridging language barriers, personalizing learning plans for each student, and more.

There are many innovative companies that are creating AI tools for education. Here are the top 9 AI tools for education.

1. Gradescope

The Gradescope AI tool uses machine learning (ML) and AI to simplify the process of giving feedback to students. It is a faster and easier alternative to traditional grading methods. Ares Teachers can prioritize important tasks by outsourcing certain ones. A single tool, Gradescope, can be utilized by teachers to grade exams and homework both online and paper-based, as well as facilitate project preparation conveniently.

Gradescope AI tool

Here are some of the main features of Gradescope:

  • AI-assisted and manual question grouping
  • Student-specific time extensions
  • AI-assisted grading
  • Increased efficiency and fairness

Nuance's Dragon Speech Recognition – A Game-Changing Tool for Academic Circles

Nuance, headquartered in Burlington, MA, offers next-gen speech recognition software ideal for students and faculty. With Dragon Speech Recognition, users can easily dictate to transcribe up to 160 words per minute, a boon for those struggling with writing or typing. The tool also includes accessibility features that come in handy for students with specific needs.


Dragon is equipped with advanced features, including verbal commands to navigate documents, dictate lesson plans, syllabi, worksheets, reading lists, and more, all while achieving 99% accuracy.

Nuance's Dragon boasts the following primary features:

  • Unmatched accessibility through verbal commands
  • Ability to assess student work through voice
  • 99% accuracy in dictating classwork

2. Ivy Chatbot

Ivy is a collection of AI chatbot tools exclusively created for universities and colleges. They aid in various university tasks, including filling out application forms, and enrollment, and providing information regarding tuition costs and deadlines. In addition, Ivy can generate recruitment campaigns by analyzing data.

Ivy Chatbot


The AI tool is capable of giving students crucial information about topics like loans, scholarships, grants, and tuition payments. Its specialized chatbots can be used in different departments.

Here are some of the top features of Ivy:

  • Live chat and SMS nudging
  • Integrations with Facebook, ERP, CRM, and SIS
  • Intelligent technology improves upon interaction with users

3. Cognii

Cognii is a company located in Boston that creates AI-based products for educational institutions in K-12 and higher education, as well as corporate training environments.


Cognii's virtual learning assistant is a primary AI tool that uses conversational technology to assist students in developing open-format responses and enhancing their critical thinking abilities. Additionally, the virtual assistant offers personalized one-on-one tutoring and immediate feedback to every student.

 Cognii ai

  • This tool assists students in constructing clear and comprehensive written responses.
  • Offers personalized tutoring sessions for individual students.
  • Personalization that adapts to each student.

4. Knowji

Knowji is an innovative app designed to help language learners enrich their vocabulary using cutting-edge audio-visual aids and proven teaching techniques.


The app incorporates AI education tools to monitor the progress of each word, utilizing advanced educational research. By using spaced repetition algorithms, Knowji predicts when users are likely to forget learned words, allowing for more effective learning over time.

Here are some of Knowji's top features:

  • Common Core Alignment
  • Multiple learning modes
  • Customizable and adaptable to suit your needs
  • Images and example sentences for better comprehension

5. Plato

Plaito is an AI-based platform that acts as a coach, offering prompts and suggestions to help students write, debate, and collaborate in new and exciting ways.


With Plaito, all students can enjoy the benefits of one-on-one tutoring, including a deep understanding of concepts, confidence, clarity, and empowerment.

Plaito ai

The platform includes several functionalities, such as:

  • Live AI Tutoring: Simply take a picture or screenshot of your homework and upload it to Plaito for personalized assistance.
  • Tailored Lessons: Combining the best of AI and language science, lessons are tailored to meet individual needs, helping students learn at their pace and level.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Chat with Plaito in four different languages and enjoy learning along the way.
  • Learning Outcome-Oriented Assignments: Plaito's courses help students learn faster and remember better, with assignments targeted toward specific learning outcomes.
  • Game-Like Features: Engage in fun challenges, form a habit of language learning, and receive reminders from Plaito, the AI Robot.

6. Queirum

The Querium platform uses AI technology to assist students in enhancing their critical STEM skills, which will aid them in their academic and career pursuits. The platform provides personalized lessons and step-by-step tutoring that promotes efficient and effective learning. The AI virtual tutor also helps students learn at a faster pace while improving the quality and analysis of their learning to achieve better academic outcomes.


Querium's AI also benefits teachers. By analyzing students' answers and the time they take to complete tutoring lessons, instructors can understand their learning habits and identify areas that need improvement.

Querium's AI platform offers a range of features to enhance your learning experience:

  • Personalized, bite-sized lessons tailored to meet individual needs
  • Step-by-step tutoring assistance to make learning efficient and productive
  • Increased student engagement, ensuring that students remain focused and motivated

7. Century Tech

Century Tech, a London-based company, has developed an AI-powered platform that employs cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to generate customized student learning plans. This reduces the burden for teachers, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks.

Century Tech

Century is an AI platform that helps students track their progress and identifies areas they need improvement. It gives them personalized recommendations for studying and feedback. For teachers, Century provides new resources that simplify tasks such as planning and grading.

Century's AI platform offers top features to empower your learning experience:

  • Accelerated learning and improved student engagement
  • Reduced workload for teachers, freeing up their time to focus on other areas
  • Actionable data insights to track progress and identify areas of improvement


8. Carnegie Learning’s Platforms

Carnegie Learning offers AI and machine learning-based learning platforms for high school and college-level students. These platforms specialize in math, literacy, and world languages..

Carnegie Learning offers AI

The provider has received recognition for their educational products, such as the award-winning Tech Edvocate “Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning App” for MATHia. Their researchers from Carnegie Mellon University developed this product. They also offer Fast ForWord, a software that helps students improve their cognitive skills in reading and language.

Carnegie Learning's platforms offer top features to transform your learning experience:

  • Human tutor-like experience, providing personalized guidance throughout your educational journey
  • One-on-one personalized learning for each student, tailored to meet individual needs and learning style
  • Actionable data to manage students, track progress and identify areas of improvement

9. Knewton’s Alta

Knewton's Alta is a recent addition to their AI tool lineup that caters to higher education. It is a complete courseware solution that utilizes adaptive learning technology and openly available content to provide every student a unique personalized learning experience.


Knewton's Alta offers a variety of courses, such as statistics, math, economics, and chemistry, that provide all the required instructional content including text, video, examples, and assessments for each course. This is useful for a broad range of students. The text is presented in English.

Knewton's Alta offers an array of top features to enrich your learning experience:

  • Adaptive learning technology, catering to individual learning styles and needs
  • Personalized learning experiences, customized to meet your specific academic requirements
  • Comprehensive course content for each course, including all necessary instructional material
  • Multiple course offerings, including statistics, math, economics, and chemistry

final thought :

AI tools in the education sector are revolutionizing the way students learn and teachers teach. With personalized experiences, reduced workloads for teachers, and actionable data insights, AI is helping educators improve student outcomes. Whether it's Carnegie Learning's platforms that offer unique solutions in math, literacy, and world languages or Knewton's Alta which provides full courseware solutions, there are a variety of options available to make learning more effective. For teachers and students alike, these tools provide an opportunity to take control of their academic journey and gain valuable skills along the way. With the use of AI tools continuing to grow exponentially in the educational space, its contribution to increasing student engagement and success will continue to be invaluable.

  • Lion Dada

    Lion Dada is the blogger behind PlayDada, making the complex world of artificial intelligence accessible. His posts guide readers through AI concepts, offer practical advice on content creation with AI tools, and emphasize the potential of AI to create opportunities1.

Lion Dada

  • Lion Dada

    Lion Dada is the blogger behind PlayDada, making the complex world of artificial intelligence accessible. His posts guide readers through AI concepts, offer practical advice on content creation with AI tools, and emphasize the potential of AI to create opportunities1.